The administration office of the Saarbergwerke (Saar Mining Company) was formerly the "Royal Prussian Mining Headquarters".

The administration office of the "Saarbergwerke" (Saar Mining Company) was constructed by Martin Gropius and Heino Schmieden in the style of the Florentine Renaissance in 1880.

The historical building is now used for the Europa Gallerie shopping mall. However, the historical parts conserve their primary aspect. Do not waver to look at the tiled floor, the stairs, or the windows.


Europa Galerie is located in front of the main train station.
Europa Galerie was created from the former Mining Headquater and Saargalerie.
Thanks to this merger, the new shopping centre includes 110 shops in different fields such as food, fashion, electronic…
You can enjoy by drinking or eating something at the outside or indoor tables of our restaurants.

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Trierer Straße 1
66111 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 7559550

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