St. Johanner Markt (St. Johanner Market Square)

The St. Johanner Markt with its boutiques, bars, bistros and restaurants is the essence of Saarbrücken life




It is an ideal place to meet people or saunter through the picturesque alleys scattered around the market square. Since 1978 the old part of town has been a pedestrian precinct. There is a direct view of the castle from the Baroque fountain (designed by Stengel in 1759), and in the past there was also one of the Baroque church Ludwigskirche, from where you could see right up to the castle again – the so-called Stengel triangle.


The former craftsmen’s and workers’houses in the Fröschengasse were once partly built onto the old town wall. Since 1978 the street has been rebuilt primarily in the Baroque style. Restaurants with idyllic courtyards invite you to linger.

High water levels are recorded on the wall at the end of the street (Saarstraße) to remind passers-by of the proximity and perils of the river.

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