Schlossplatz (Castle Square) - The Baroque Ensemble

The Baroque ensemble enclosing the Schlossplatz (Castle Square) also bears Stengel's trademark

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He was instructed to surround the castle with buildings which were similar to it in style, but would not distract from its glory. Thus the prince had the so-called Erbprinzenpalais (Hereditary Prince’s Palace) built for his son.

The Old Collection has been moved to the Kreisständehaus (the former seat of the district administration), which also houses the Museum of Prehistory and Early History as part of the reorganization of Saarbrücken’s museum landscape. A visit to the museum also provides you with the opportunity to admire the modern architectural redevelopment of the building. A recently built glass annex connects the Kreisständehaus to the museum in the Schlosskirche. Well worth seeing is the staircase with its intricately decorated banisters.

In the segment gable of the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) the construction date MDCCL (1750) has been recorded along with a depiction of the Saarbrücken coat of arms. A Baroque onion dome crowns the clock tower. It was destroyed in WWII and rebuilt in 1947; today it houses the headquarters of Saarbrücken’s adult education centre.

The invisible memorial square was devised by Jochen Gerz and students from the local Art Academy in 1993 as an expression of tolerance and a warning against racism: 2,146 flagstones on the way to the castle were dug up and the names of Jewish cemeteries engraved on the back of them before they were replaced.

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